Words That Speak Volumes

Words can speak volumes. Words like




Lung cancer

When they are spoken directly to you, it is as if someone is throwing ice water down your back. I just counted… I’ve have 14 medical appointments since the end of January. These are the words I’ve heard. They are not the words of death, but quite the opposite. They are words of impending HOPE! Yes… hope and not dismay.

Then there is the word murder, as in the case of Gordon Grilz. An unfaithful wife, a jealous husband, a crime of passion. At least that’s what it seems to me.  These words carry the full weight of death. For every day that he lives, he is serving life.

Gordon Grilz

Belated Farewell

If the only way
I can ever speak with you again
is to visit your grave
then I will come.

Do you recognize the footsteps
that approach you now?
It is me, your husband
who answered your betrayal
with a raging heart.

Do you see the gray man
who stands over you like the shadow of a cloud?
Do you hear the words of my confession
or smell the incense of the single rose
I place on your name?

I spent thirty years in a house of stones
waiting in penance for you to speak to me.
These tears are for you and for our children
who cried themselves to sleep without us.



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2 responses to “Words That Speak Volumes

  1. I’m sorry that you’ve had to hear those words. They shout, even in silence.

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